Why we won’t tell you to try “Business Central Booster”


When we want to convince people of the quality of our Business Central Booster learning program, we could tell them about our use of real cases, which makes it easier for participants to translate the exercises to day-to-day life. Or we could talk about the top instructors who support the participants during each module. But we won’t. Because a program is better reviewed by its participants than by its organizers. Luckily we have plenty of ‘Boosters’ willing to share their experiences with us and with you.

Take it from Erik and Fabien from COSMO CONSULT in France. They decided to enroll their Business Central team in the online training program to give their consultants a chance to deep dive into Business Central and for their experienced NAV consultants to speed up the transition to Business Central. Which is exactly what the Business Central Booster did for them.

trained by Business Central Booster

Here’s what they had to say:


“Aside from the live webinars, exercises and tests, our consultants really liked the real cases that were used as examples, because they weren’t too far off from what they would actually encounter in their jobs.”

ERIK – International Project Manager Cosmo Consult France


“They were all positively surprised by the amount of support given to them during the different modules and tracks whenever they were facing challenges. Whether those challenges were functional or technical.”

FABIEN – Program Manager and Team Lead, Cosmo Consult France

“As it turns out all of their participating consultants were extremely positive about Business Central Booster”

Especially seeing how they now have a better knowledge of the ERP system in their own company and are completely up to date. These are the kind of results that would have been more expensive and more difficult to reach if they had to organize this type of training internally.


Are you also looking for a deep dive into Business Central for you or your team?
Erik and Fabien are here to convince you to try the Business Central Booster one last time:
“Knowing the quality, you get for that price, is what makes it a no brainer for us. The price convinced us to take a shot on the program without knowing the quality yet. It’s safe to say that we were not disappointed. So yes, we would highly recommend it.” Erik & Fabien, Cosmo Consult, FR 

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