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Continuous Learning
Embark on a comprehensive career development experience with our Learning Journeys, which encompass a variety of learning programs. Our Business Central Learning Journeys offer an exciting array of training programs specifically designed to enhance the skills and foster the growth of Business Central consultants and developers throughout their careers.


Empower your Business Central team with our Learning Journeys. From day one, new hires can skill up, while experienced employees can access training programs on-demand. Keep your team constantly up-to-date with our flexible learning solutions.


Experience two powerful learning formats with Learning Journeys: BusinessCentralBooster programs for comprehensive content and Instructor Led Live Webinar trainings for focused sessions. Both formats provide guidance and support to help participants reach their learning goals.


Strengthen your organization's recruitment and retention with Learning Journeys. Our flexible learning solutions give new hires the skills and confidence they need to succeed, while providing continuous growth opportunities for existing employees. With Learning Journeys, you can attract top talent, reduce turnover, and foster a culture of learning and growth.


Enhance job performance and organizational success with our role-based training. We have designed two learning journeys specifically for Business Central roles - Business Central Developer and Business Central Consultant - to provide tailored knowledge and skills for each job function.

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Unlock the full potential of Business Central & Power Platform training with a Learning Journey subscription. Take control of your organization’s skills development, a major factor in employee motivation, engagement, and retention. Access the training programs at your convenience whenever new knowledge or skills are required.

Transform your organization into a learning hub.

Learning Journey subscriptions empower employees to establish long-term learning objectives, essential for sustained growth. According to Forbes, cultivating a culture of continuous learning is crucial to staying competitive in today’s workforce. Continuous learning is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for competitiveness and success.

Price Plans

Unlock the power of continuous learning and professional development for you and your team for the price of a daily cappuccino.
Invest in a brighter future with just a small cost.”

Per participants per month €199 €83 €62 €42
Turning point participants >5 >13 >23

* Conditions: Named participants, non exchangeable | Contract period : 1 or 3 years |Billing : Monthly or Yearly
Single participant one month contract: € 239 | Organizational Plans come with an Enployee Value Proposition Toolkit for employer branding

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