The Business Central Developer Learning Journey

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The learning journey for Business Central Developers
Facilitates the onboarding and ongoing learning and personal development of Business Central developers.

An asset in the recruitment process
Training programs create more effective, productive employees and boost employee engagement. They are also an effective recruitment tool. New hires and more experienced employees are craving opportunities to grow and develop. People dedicated to personal growth and who exhibit initiative and ambition are also highly interesting to recruit. The ability to advertise the organization’s commitment to personal development with learning journeys in your recruitment efforts is key.

Efficiently Onboarding new hires
We want to enable every new hire to start their consultant career with confidence and joy. Efficiently onboarding in the Business Central implementation practice with solid foundational Business Central product knowledge and skills is essential. Employees that go through a structured onboarding program are more likely to be with the organization after three years.

Retaining experienced developers
Retaining experienced Business Central developers in the organization is critical. Commitment, performance, and job satisfaction correlate with the real possibilities for personal development in an organization. The Developers Learning journey offers experienced Business Central developers relevant tracks to further expand their knowledge and skills.

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