“We feel Plataan really want us to succeed with their Business Central Dynamics 365 training”


Discover here what Valérie Coutu, President of JOVACO in Canada, says about our Business Central Dynamics 365 training. With over 35 years of experience, 250 active clients, 50 dedicated employees and 500+ implementations to date, JOVACO solutions is the partner of choice for Canadian organizations looking to take their business to another level.

JOVACO decided to enroll 4 senior ERP consultants into our Business Central Booster learning program, because they were looking for an experience close to a consultant’s role and they found our business case approach an important learning tool.

“We are extremely satisfied by the Business Central Dynamics 365 training program“

Valérie Coutu about Business Central Booster: “We really enjoyed all aspects of the training from the exercises, to the training sessions and the seminars. We had the choice between attending live sessions or going at our own pace with pre-recorded sessions. Although these pre-recorded sessions were not live, if we had any questions, we could still ask them and have them answered at a later time.”

JOVACO is also excited about the Business Central Dynamics 365 training, because it gives a good base on what there is to learn in Business Central. Even though they had a general understanding of how ERP systems work, the program allows them to learn the system faster and now they can dig deeper into certain topics.

Are you also looking for a deep dive into Business Central? Valérie Coutu would definitely recommend the Business Central Dynamics 365 training. “Thanks to the program we get up to speed faster and we can help both our consulting and development team with our upcoming projects.”

And in addition to that: “We are also happy to have found a true partnership with Plataan, who is always ready to answer our questions and help us develop our understanding. We feel they really want us to succeed.” What a great compliment!

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