New BusinessCentralBooster learning programs coming soon


The BusinessCentralBooster learning programs proved to be a real hit in the learning market. With about 1000 students a year in Europe, Canada, the US, Africa and the Middle East, this concept of e-learning really exceeded expectations. Even more important was the positive and constructive feedback of students. We learned that they really enjoyed and appreciated the case based approach, the learning mix and the instructor support. In the last months, we received many requests to built new learning programs.

In a world where there is a large supply of all types of content, there is clearly still a need for all encompassing digital learning programs that are designed in the right way. From the start we envisioned an engaging online learning program with a focus on building practical relevant skills. Discover here how we envision effective learning programs: Engaging students in online learning programs is critical.

The real good news is that we will be releasing new learning programs in the BusinessCentralBooster format for devops & power BI in the next coming months. 

The first learning program will be about DevOps in Business Central:

Core Devops Specialist in Business Central

devops certificate businesscentralbooster

As we already mentioned in this blog, DevOps will not only be a new tool or possibility in the development practice of Business Central, it is an essential part in the transformation towards a cloud first oriented organization.  So that is the first reason that justifies a new BusinessCentralBooster course on DevOps. The second reason is that the format of our BusinessCentralBooster program is perfectly suited to explain DevOps. Designing, configuring and testing a collaboration process for your Business Central development practice is a practical thing. The BusinessCentralBooster learning programs are designed to include assignments and to be as practical as possible.

The course will learn and guide you into topics like Source Code Management for Business Central, Agile/Scrum with Azure Boards, Source Control with GIT/TFVC, GIT with Visual Studio Code, CI/CD Build & Release Pipelines, build and release pipelines. There will be instructor support and an assessment at the end of the program resulting in a Certified Core Devops Specialist in Business Central certificate and badge.

You can find our Devops program here.

The second BusinessCentralBooster course that wil be launched is: 

Core Power BI Specialist in Business Central

power bi certificate businesscentralbooster

Microsoft Power BI transforms your Business Central data into business knowledge and insights.  It  provides Business Central customers real added value in terms of data based business feedback. The reason to populate any business software solution with data is to get better insights and feedback as output of that solution.  So thanks to Power Bi, Business Central is no black box of input data but a dashboard of evolving insights.

This new learning program will transform participants in real Core Power BI specialists for Business Central.  After this course, they will be able to independently setup, use and deploy Power BI reports and dashboards for their organisation or customers.

This PowerBI learning program provides all foundational knowledge you need with topics like creating and preparing the data model, ODATA, DAX, reports and  dashboards.

It is build up with a real implementation storyline that will guide participants through content and realistic tasks. So, expect hands-on assignments that will drive your learning process. The only way to really learn about software is to practice (and make lots of errors).

As with any learning program, all students are supported by a trainer. So this means that they can pose questions or ask an instructor for assistance at any time. This programs with an assessment and a certification as Core Power BI Specialist in Business Central.

So stay tuned for these devops & power BI releases.