Onboarding new hires with BusinessCentralBooster – Christiaens case

Business Central Booster
Business Central Booster - Christiaens

Christiaens is a full service provider of ERP software, office software, cloud and infrastructure. Their skilled team of 50 colleagues implements Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure at small and medium-sized organizations.

“The real-life case studies offered by BusinessCentralBooster are a big help“

For Christiaens, the BusinessCentralBooster learning program is structurally included in the onboarding of new hires. Every new employee gets to do the Booster course and so did Brecht. Brecht is an ERP developer with the main focus of developing customizations. Brecht participated in the BusinessCentralBooster learning program to gain technical and functional knowledge about Business Central and the AL programming language.

We asked him how he experienced and evaluated the BusinessCentralBooster learning program. “It was a good mix of theory and exercises which helped me to prepare for my current job content. The real-life case studies are a big help. They resemble the reality quite good. It really helped me to acquire a basic level of knowledge about Business Central and AL. I recommend it!

Other classmates said: “I liked how the different topics were handled with a mix of theory, webinars and exercises. The program encourages the student to be interactive.”

The management of Christiaens rates the price quality relationship as good and remarked that a great advantage is that they can use the course to get incentives/rebates from Microsoft.

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