Structured Onboarding of new employees – Columbus case

Business Central Booster

Columbus is a business software (ERP, CRM, Customer Service, BI, HR, Payroll, e-com) powerhouse in Estonia. They are part of the global Columbus Group – a digitalization and consulting company with more than 2200 employees serving customers worldwide. As a leading ERP solutions provider in Estonia and in the Baltics, Columbus helps ambitious companies transform, maximize and futureproof their business digitally.

“BusinessCentralBooster is a critical part of the structured onboarding of new employees at Columbus”

Taavi Sadam has been with Columbus for more than 5 years and is responsible for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central business in Columbus Estonia. 

Every new employee at Columbus starts with a structured onboarding program to fuel an effective start, says Taavi. That improves the relationship with the company and helps new hires to find confidence and joy in their new job. Training is one of the important elements in such an onboarding program. The BusinessCentralBooster learning program is part of this onboarding and helps us to give our new employees always the same high standard level training. It allows us to focus on the other important onboarding aspects now. 

We see the BusinesssCentralBooster program as the ultimate one-stop shop for getting our new employees fully trained in the Business Central solution. We really loved how the training program is built up, it is easy to use and well structured. The feedback from new employees is positive.  

I can really recommend the BusinessCentralBooster program to others. It is a high quality, well-prepared training program that eventually saves you cost and time in the end. It guaruantees a solid skills foundation for new employees. No need to search for another program or invent one yourself. 

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