Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central includes trade and logistics functionalities that accelerate your sales processes and drive your supply chain optimization.

Logistical management training in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central includes topics like stock availability, purchase planning and assembly.

Trade management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central includes topics like prices and discounts, return policy and document approvals.

Companies that sell items need accurate data on their inventory. They also need easy access to item information to quickly respond to customer requests.

Business Central Booster contains all the information you need to configure and use trade and logistics in Business Central.

It includes topics like setting up items and warehouses. You will learn how to process sales and purchase orders, including more advanced features like drop shipments. You will also receive answers to questions like:


  • How can I set up multiple warehouses in Business Central?
  • How is opening stock imported?
  • What discounts can you set up and how can you configure item prices?
  • How is a physical inventory count performed?
  • How do you assign serial numbers or lot numbers to items?

Trade and Logistics in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

In the Business Central Booster Core and Advanced learning programs  you will learn about subjects and processes related to logistics and trade management in Business Central:

  • Inventory availability 
  • Reservation and order tracking
  • Locations
  • Requisition management
  • Item Tracking
  • Order Promising
  • Prices and discounts
  • Order management
  • Returns management
  • Transfer Orders
  • Customer Service features

By using a case-based approach, Business Central Booster will guide you through the steps it takes to set up trade and logistics in Business Central. You will start by setting up a company that already contains basic trade data. After migrating business data like customers, vendors and items, you will import the opening stock. 

Business Central Booster zooms also in on sales and purchase processes. You will learn how a quote to cash process works, but also how to create blanket orders and drop-ship items to customers. 

Besides basic inventory management, you will also learn more advanced features like calculating inventory plans and using serial numbers and lot numbers.

Business Central Booster’s full encompassing functional program includes financial management, trade and logistical training.

This program includes everything you need to jumpstart a consultant career in Business Central and prepare you for the MB-800 certification exam.

This learning program will boost you in the Business Central professional consultancy practice.

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